Lambosh AI Launchpad

Lambosh AI Launchpad is a platform that supports the development and launching of innovative blockchain projects. It serves as a launchpad for crypto projects, offering a range of services to enhance their chances of success. Participants gain access to strategic guidance, mentorship, funding opportunities, and an engaged community, all aimed at supporting their project's growth and development.
At Lambosh AI, community members who support successful projects by staking their tokens receive reward tokens from all the projects that we launch. Lambosh AI Launchpad offers an ideal environment for IDOs, and $LAI holders/stakers and farmers benefit from a tiered-based allocation mechanism. Those who stake or yield farm $LAI tokens are eligible for IDOs based on the tier system. You can learn more about the mechanisms and systems of our decentralized incubator and lambosh ecosystem by reading more in this whitepaper.